less than 1 day ago (21 Mar 23 11:00)

v2.18.2 is live now.

  • More "improvements" to sanitizeText
  • Added errors to conflicting allowed mentions rules.
  • Soundboard fixes after discords changes to voice packet size.
  • Typo fixes to new roasts.

Truffle Cake for @SoggySaussages for contributing to this release and tiny tootsie rolls for @user @savage for "contributing" to this release.

Full release notes


6 days ago (16 Mar 23 06:01)

v2.18.0 is live now!!

  • Fixes to SantizeText
  • Disabled Twitter ( hopefully temporarily)
  • Refactored youtube logic to add feeds
  • Fixed cargs range, it will not accept outside the range if min and max are same.

New stuff:

  • json has an indent flag, which will give you an indented json, making it easier to read.
  • silent has been added to complexMessage , if set to true it will send a silent message
  • allowed_mentions has been added to complexMessage, you can now send pings using sendMessage and sendMessageRetID with complex mentioning. the noEscape versions of this will ignore allowed_mentions will ping all the mentions. example:

    {{ $msg := complexMessage "content" "Hello , <@960119774526988348> @user" "allowed_mentions" (sdict "users" (cslice 960119774526988348) "replied_user" false) "reply" .Message.ID "silent" true}}
    {{ sendMessage nil $msg }}
  • Added some new roasts.

Scones for @user @Wolveric @savage , and Strawberry Shortcake for @Satty @lzodd for contributing to this release.

Full release notes:


2 weeks and 2 days ago (06 Mar 23 09:20)

new release v2.17.3 is here!

  • Added a new text sanitization check to AMv2, it replaces confusable characters with standard characters in a string to prevent abuse.
  • Added the template SanitizeText which basically does the same thing as above but in Custom commands
  • I gave in and enabled RoleMenu commands in threads and announcement channels, sigh.
  • Panic fixes with roll command to prevent using 0 sided dice.

A tiny Rice Crispy for @user and Rum balls for @lzodd for contributing to this release.

Full release notes:


4 weeks and 4 days ago (17 Feb 23 15:30)

new release v2.17.0 is here!

This release is mostly to close some loopholes in the bot that usually cause lags and crashes, so there are some breaking changes.

__Breaking Changes, Cue angry messages __

  • execCC and ScheduleUniqueCC cannot be used anymore to execute interval commands.
  • ReactionTrigger custom commands won't trigger for bots anymore.
  • TimeoutExpiresAt property on members object has been renamed to CommunicationDisabledUntil

  • After premium expires or is removed from a server, any custom commands or feeds in excess of the limit will be disabled.

  • Guilds name is now added to the browser tab if you are on a control panel for a guild

Quiche for @lzodd for contributing to this release

(This also contains a hotfix for v2.17.1, which reduces spam in the bot logs for me, nothing you should be worried about)

Full Changelog:


6 weeks and 4 days ago (03 Feb 23 10:07)

new release v2.16.0 is here

New Stuff

  • Added A discord channel in things to to throw
  • Added .Channel.OwnerID in the cc template, this is the id of the thread creator and is only available in threads, otherwise would be nil.
  • Added support for upcoming live streams to youtube feed
  • Added support for video urls to add a channel
  • Added more metadata to youtube custom notification template,
  • Added paginated currency codes list to forex, this is shown when incorrect currency codes are used


  • Fixed feeds not being disabled for removed guilds and deleted/non-accessible channels for custom notifications
  • Fixed typos in throwthings.go

Pineapple Candy for @savage and @Ranger for contributing to this release

Full changelog:


8 weeks and 5 days ago (19 Jan 23 22:41)

Hotfix v2.15.2 has been rolled out.

  • The changes related to cswitch support in parseargs have been reverted in this
  • Fixed pings not working for youtube notifications

Full change-log


8 weeks and 5 days ago (19 Jan 23 09:52)

First Release of 2023 is here! (v2.15.0)


  • forex command had issues with number above 1 million, Fixed
  • AMv2 category conditions were being ignored for threads and forums. Fixed
  • AMv2 had issues with checkboxes not working on mobile devices. Fixed
  • Timeout settings were not showing on the manage/home page. Fixed


  • Removed an incorrect catfact.
  • Added season arg to inspire command, it only accepts xmas for now, but if inspirobot adds more seasons, we won't have to make any changes.
  • Youtube feeds will be disabled instead of being deleted, when the bot is unable to post it.

New Features ~~ - parseArgs now supports switch args. ~~

  • Added filter for Shorts to Youtube feed.
  • Added role mentions to Youtube feed.
  • Added custom notifications to Youtube feed, they follow the Custom Command syntax and can have up to 5000 chars, all added values are shown in UI. If custom notifications are enabled, the bot will ignore the mention settings, custom Notifications are at server level, so if you've set it, all notifications will be custom notifications.

Full Change-log:

Orange Sorbet for @jo3-l @savage @Shadow23A🌟 @Wolveric for contributing to this release.


13 weeks ago (20 Dec 22 13:59)

New Release (v2.14.0 )

  • Command Overwrites created for a channel will now apply to its threads too.
  • Some Youtube reliability improvements.
  • Made username and nickname logging globally disabled changes consistent across the bot.

Full Change-log:

This is the last release for 2022. (hopefully) We did a total of 44 releases for YAGPDB in 2022, and the bot is at its most stable state ever. I heartily thank all the , , and the community for helping us improve the bot.

New Years Cake for everyone (except for beings who identify as ducks for obvious reasons, go eat worms)


14 weeks and 5 days ago (08 Dec 22 10:10)

New Release(v2.13.0)

  • Custom Commands can now have names, and can be enabled/disabled without making changes to triggers.
  • Embeds can be edited with -simpleembed command by using the message flag with the id of the message
  • Improved formatting in CC list command
  • Fixed bugs with urban dictionary command
  • Fixed bugs with reddit slowmode feed "embed" toggle.
  • Fixed typos in several commands
  • Added parseTime function to parse string to time.

Muffins for @jo3-l @mrbentarikau @savage for contributing to this release Full release notes:


16 weeks and 1 day ago (28 Nov 22 13:16)

New Release (v2.12.0)

  • Added support for Youtube Handle links
  • Added Roast command
  • sort function in templates have been rewritten, there are a few minor changes and improvements,
    • sorting of mixed type elements will return an error,
    • allows sorting by a key in a slice,
    • subslices and emptyslices options have been removed
  • Improvements to some dev only command descriptions
  • Forex command now supports decimals
  • updated default invite perms of the bot to include moderate members perms for timeouts, and removed unneeded send tts message perms
  • Attempts at making youtube a bit more reliable.

Lemon Tarts for @jo3-l @SoggySaussages @savage for contributing to this release

Full release notes:


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