1 week ago (02 Aug 22 05:12)

New Release! New Release! (v2.5.0)

  • Added link cooldown trigger to AMv2
  • Report and Clean commands have been made ephemeral ( Only you can see execution if used via slash commands)
  • A few more bug fixes and enhancements

Full release notes:

Eclairs for @lzodd @jo3-l @LemmeCry @savage @AgentNeo for contributing to this release


All piggy premium will be disabled on 1st September 2022, if you've been using piggy to use higher limits and premium features, they will go back to non-premium limits, please make changes accordingly to your server setup, or consider getting a paid subscription for easier transition.


5 weeks and 6 days ago (29 Jun 22 09:38)

New Release! New Release (v2.4.0)

  • Added aliases for Timeout
  • Fixed verification settings not being updated after the verification role was deleted
  • Added permission check functions and bitwise operators to CC templates
  • Added shard offline alerts to control panel
  • Fixed contains trigger, it will now work on multiline messages too
  • Added channel conditions to thanks mention in rep
  • Fixed bug in reason parsing for audit logs
  • Fixed issues with DM interactions not working
  • Removed default violation name and instead made it a placeholder
  • Added support for all youtube urls (no need for ;yt here! )
  • Reactions template can now be used in join messages
  • [BREAKING CHANGE ] Giveroles duration will now be consistent with ban and mute, that is no more "-d" flag is needed for duration, you can just add duration like you do with ban and mute commands.
  • Changed category of embed commands from fun to tools

Dulce de leche for @jo3-l @AgentNeo ( and donut crumbs only for @aarav ) for contributing to this release

Full change-log:


7 weeks and 4 days ago (17 Jun 22 13:51)

the fix for the ping everyone bug that caused a lot of spam is ready and is being deployed, should be live on all the servers in approximately 60 minutes.

UPDATE: The fix is live on 100% of the servers, apologies for the trouble caused.


7 weeks and 5 days ago (16 Jun 22 08:56)

New Release! New Release! (v2.3.0)

  • Added inspire command, to give you some random inspiration during your boring life.
  • Added support for interactions and buttons, more cool stuff to be added with them gradually, from this release all paginated responses will use buttons instead of reactions.
  • Bumped Discord API and gateway to v10
  • Added support for timeout ( Command and AMV2 effect)
  • Added support for Youtube Live Streams to Youtube feeds ( check your feed for a "Publish livestreams" toggle )
  • Moderation slash commands now give ephemeral response, so you can ban without people knowing about it.

Caramel Custard for @mrbentarikau and @AgentNeo for contributing to this release

Full change log:


9 weeks ago (06 Jun 22 15:53)

The ban command now has a syntax similar to the mute command, where you can specify the duration without using the -d flag. This means anyone using execAdmin to ban users via custom commands will end up banning users permanently. Specifically applies to all people who use this to temporarily ban users in the leave message to delete messages sent in the past 7 days. Changes required could be:

- {{execAdmin "ban" $user $reason "-d 1s" "-ddays 7"}}
+ {{execAdmin "ban" $user "1s" $reason "-ddays 7"}}


9 weeks and 5 days ago (01 Jun 22 20:02)

To all the people asking will YAGPDB moderation and Custom Commands work on voice channel texts?

The answer is YES.

Although, you won't be able to select the voice channel from any channel list select menu, or use it in places where you can use channel_id as a param, for example the -channel flag in reminders.


10 weeks ago (31 May 22 09:17)


YAGPDB v2.2.0 is rolling out.

Major changes:

  • Reminder now accepts a -channel flag to send the reminder message.
  • min and max templates have been added.
  • Logs can now be limited to to selected roles, even if your complete dashboard is readonly
  • Status page now auto refreshes every 30 seconds.
  • Suggestions on invalid user inputs have been improved.
  • Added random verb and verb.go
  • giverep/takerep will not accept negative values anymore
  • Added .BotUser to cc context to give you the id of YAGPDB
  • Interval CCs now show next scheduled run
  • All CCs now show when they were last run.

Beet Juice for @LemmeCry @AgentNeo @mrbentarikau @jo3-l @user

Full Release notes:


12 weeks ago (17 May 22 09:05)


YAGPDB v2.1.0 is live now.

  • All feeds ( twitter, youtube, reddit) have a toggle to enable/disable now
  • The bot now has an english dictionary, check /owldictionary or owl command on how to use it. This is powered by
  • SendMessage AMv2 effect now has an option to auto-delete the message
  • Added reQuoteMeta func to CC context to escape metacharacters in a string.
  • Moderation related errors can now be sent to a channel instead of DM to moderated user.
  • Reputation commands will now accept user-ids too.
  • AMV2 x attachments in y seconds now can check multiple attachments on a single message, this has to be enabled explicitly on the trigger.
  • Alt + Shift + S now saves the custom command, one less button to click!
  • Membership screening in auto role and verification has been added back with optimizations

Avocado Toasts for @AgentNeo @jo3-l @LemmeCry @mrbentarikau @Pedro Pessoa for contributions to this release.

There are lot more bugfixes and improvements, you can see them in the full release notes here


13 weeks and 5 days ago (05 May 22 11:38)

New Release !

With this release we have finally merged all the scattered dependencies of YAGPDB into a single repository.

No more pull requests will be accepted in other repositories

The package version for yagpdb has also been upgraded to V2.

Other major changes in this release:

  • Kick commands now accepts a cl flag and an integer as input to clear only specified number of messages for the kicked user.
  • DomainRegex to detect domain names, and LinkRegex to detect links are now available as constants in the CC context.
  • SendMessage effect has been added to AMV2, you can now send a custom message on an AMV2 trigger.
  • dadjoke command has been added.

Nachos for @LemmeCry @mrbentarikau @Pedro Pessoa @savage for contributing to this release.


14 weeks and 5 days ago (28 Apr 22 10:59)

.Member now has the Avatar property (.Member.Avatar) and .AvatarURL method (.Member.AvatarURL size) which work similar to .User.Avatar and .User.AvatarURL size. If the member does not have a custom server avatar, the normal user avatar is returned.

{{$a := .Member.Avatar}} {{/* $a is the guild member avatar hash*/}}

{{.Member.AvatarURL "256"}} {{/* sends the server avatar url. If not present, sends .User.AvatarURL "256" */}}

Docs on the same here:


To add this bot to your server, click login in the upper right corner, then afterwards select it in the "select server" dropdown up top.

Make sure you have manage server permissions and that you are logged into the right account.

Afterwards, explore a little to get familiar with the interface and the features it provides.

If you stumble into any issues and need help, join the support server.

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