4 days ago (21 Feb 20 18:09)

@everyone YAGPDB V1.23 is here and while a lot of these changes were already added and available for a while now, i never announced them, so I'm just gonna sum up all the noteworthy changes from v1.22 above!


4 days ago (21 Feb 20 18:08)


  • All: Proper escaping of mentions from outside sources such as youtube
  • Commands: Fixed help response being too big
  • Commands: Stopped sending the "you've got mail" message when in dm's
  • Commands: Escape role mentions in command responses
  • Automodv2: Fixed member age condition sometimes not working
  • TopWarnings: Fixed being able to paginate to empty pages (by caubert)
  • CC: Fixed being unable to set type to none
  • CC/Templates: Fixed dbBottomEntries being reversed
  • Whois: Fixed not showing proper joined at

... And a bunch more, as always I'm only putting visible changes here, and there is always a huge amount of backend work needed to keep the bot running smoothly. Fun fact: the bot is processing an average of 22k events per second from discord, peaking at 31k, that's A LOT of data!


4 days ago (21 Feb 20 18:08)

YAGPDB v1.23 Changelog


  • Web: Bunch of improvements and tweaks to make the control panel work and feel better overall, on both mobile and desktop. As well as improved performance of certain things such as the server selection widget
  • Tickets: Inherit permissions from category
  • Autorole: Much more reliable and faster
  • Moderation: {{.Channel}} and {{.Message}} now available in custom punishment DM's (by satty)
  • Moderation: Added the option to disallow reactions for muted users (by satty)
  • Moderation: Added the ability to edit the default mute duration
  • Moderation: Removed the duration limit on mutes
  • Soundboard: Added the command SoundboardReset to reset the soundboard (also stopping the current sound) (by satty)
  • Automodv2: Added days of messages to delete options for ban effect (by satty)
  • Tickets: Add ticket title to transcript file name (by satty)


  • CC/Templates: Added {{pow x y}} which returns x^y (by caubert)
  • CC/Templates: Added {{log x (y optional)}} (by caubert)
  • CC/Templates: Added the ability to send complex messages using complexMessage (by satty)
  • CC/Templates: Added the ability to edit complex messages using complexMessageEdit (by satty)
  • CC/Templates: Increased db_multiple interactions to 2 from 1
  • CC/Templates: Added {{Slice.StringSlice}} to convert the custom Slice type into a normal String slice (by satty)
  • CC/Templates: Added {{noun}} which returns a random noun (by iansannar)
  • CC/Templates: Added {{humanizeThousands input}} which formats the number by inserting commas per thousands (example: 100,000,000) (by caubert)
  • CC/Templates: Added {{deleteMessageReaction channelID messageID userID emoji1 emoji2 emoji3...}} which deletes the reactions for the specified emojis (by caubert)


1 week and 5 days ago (12 Feb 20 20:13)

The mentionrole command will be removed in a couple updates now that discord has changed the mention everyone permission to also allow you to mention any role, even if it's not set to mentionable, making yags mentionrole command meaningless (it was never super reliable anyways).


4 weeks ago (28 Jan 20 16:41)

There seems to be some issues with the bot appearing offline in some servers (even tough the shard is fully functional), if this is happening with you, please let me know the server ID and also DM me an invite.


4 weeks and 1 day ago (27 Jan 20 10:36)

Tickets were changed recently, new channels now inherit the category permissions.

If you're having problems with things such as everyone being able to view all tickets, consider making a new category for tickets with no extra permissions on it if you're not well versed in discord's permission hierarchy.


5 weeks and 3 days ago (17 Jan 20 21:04)

YAGPDB v1.22!

Added server discovery, or well the settings for it!

There is a server discovery service in the making, while the app is in private testing for the moment you can still make your server available now.

Other changes

  • events: small quality of life improvements
  • events: no longer breaks with a lot of participants
  • cah: new deck - the office (by mattgeowild)
  • cah: fix winner selection message not showing sometimes
  • automodv2: new command - automod DeleteViolation <id>: Deletes a automodv2 violation (by satty)
  • automodv2: new command - automod ClearViolations <user> (violation name - optional): Deletes all of the users automod2 violations, optionally filtered by n ame (by satty)
  • moderation: clean command now accepts a -minage <duration> switch, which specifies the minimum age of messages to delete (by caubert)
  • moderation: new command - TopWarnings (page - optional) which lists the users on your server with the most warnings (by caubert)
  • cc/templates: move lenient handling of user args (by satty)
  • cc/templates: new wrapper data type around slices which allows mutation (documentation will follow) (by satty)
  • cc/templates: exec'ing clean no longer deletes 1 message too many (by satty)
  • cc/templates: fix dbTopEntries with the same values being ordered randomly (will now order by id)
  • cc/templates: added {{.CCRunCount}}, altough this is not gonna be accurate as its cached up to 30 minutes (by caubert)
  • cc/templates: sdict can now transform normal maps into sdict
  • cc: tweaked output of customcommands command (by satty)
  • tickets: small quality of life changes
  • control panel: when accessing pages that requires you to be logged in while not logged in, redirect you to login and return you where you wanted to go afterwards
  • control panel: added pretty icons to submenus!
  • rolecommands: added a button to quickly delete all roles from a rolegroup


9 weeks and 4 days ago (19 Dec 19 22:55)

YAGPDB v1.21.0

Revamped Custom Command pages

Custom command pages have been redesigned to allow for more options, as well as giving me the ability to add a proper editor in the future.

This new design is still somewhat WIP so expect some changes to it over the next month.

Other changes

  • Custom commands: added an option to disable errors from being sent in the responses
  • Custom commands: Fixed execCC and friends followed by exec using the incorrect channel (by @Satty )


13 weeks ago (26 Nov 19 17:33)

YAGPDB v1.20.17

Another small update, with mostly back end changes and some community provided additions, here's the change log:

  • New automod command: automod violations @user - shows that user's recorded automod violations (by @Satty )
  • New automod command: automod ViolationsCount @user - shows a more compressed summary of that users violations (by @Satty )
  • mentionrole command now accepts a -channel channel-here - switch to send the mention in another channel (by @Satty )
  • New cc/template function: getChannel channel-id-here - returns the channel with the provided id or name (by @Satty )
  • Fixed streaming plugin using wrong fields
  • Fixed not being able to submit valid long custom commands because of counting bytes instead of runes


14 weeks and 6 days ago (13 Nov 19 02:26)

YAGPDB v1.20.15

Another small update with performance improvements behind the scenes and some community contributions.

  • cc/templates: new editChannelTopic <channel> <topic> function that changes the specified channel topic (by @Satty)
  • cc/templates: new editNickname <nickname> function that changes the current users nickname (by @Satty)
  • cc/templates: new sub <a> <b> function that subtracts b from a (by @caubert )
  • moderation: ban command now accepts a -ddays <days> switch that determines how many days of messages to delete for that user (max 7) (by @Satty)
  • moderation: don't send punishment dm's if there is none (by @Satty)


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