2 weeks ago (06 Feb 24 15:37)

v2.34.1 is live now!

  • .Message.Reactions now contains data for super- reactions.
  • Fixed a bug for logs being created for threads in blacklisted channels.
  • Added basic thread management functions to CustomCommands Read for more details
  • Added forum support to CC Read for more details
  • Enhancements to CC Database page search and pagination.
  • General bug fixes and enhancements.

Hokkien mee for @lemmecry @jo3_l @j.stephano, @lzodd for contributing to this release.

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6 weeks ago (09 Jan 24 17:31)

v2.33.0 is live now!

  • Added trivia command, gives you a random trivia question, you have 30 seconds to answer, multiple people can participate in the question.
  • Disabled twitter feed again, as it is kind of pointless to run it for the limited set of accounts.

Full Changelog:


6 weeks and 5 days ago (04 Jan 24 07:00)

a hotfix v2.32.2 is live now

  • Patched a fix for Button Interaction not working when they don't have an emoji
  • giving a rep will now show the users total rep in the response message
  • Twitter feeds are conditionally working only for gold verified accounts as twitter is now restricting showing user timelines without login, we are looking for a fix to bypass this restriction, if and when fixed, we'll do an announcement.

Galette-saucisse for @galen8183 and @lemmecry for contributing to this release.

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8 weeks and 5 days ago (21 Dec 23 16:57)

v2.32.0 is live now!

  • Added a CC database management page on dashboard, you can see data and delete it from that page, be careful though!
  • Reorganised sidebar
  • Fixed a bug where the mute role was still being managed by the bot even after mute command being disabled.
  • Reorganised adjectives

Halo-halo for @lzodd @savage4618 for contributing to this release.

Full change-log:

This is our last release of the year.

We did a total of 36 releases this year (16 major, 20 patches), hearty thanks to all the , and for contributing to this release! See you all next year! I wish Happy holidays and peace to everyone.


10 weeks and 5 days ago (07 Dec 23 14:28)

v2.31.0 is live!

  • Updated list of premium rewards in /premium.html
  • Added login prompt if a non-login user tries to see member only logs for a server.
  • Reduced scope of markdown and disabled custom html in verification page content.
  • Added support for custom status types for bots status ( Self-host only)

Gukhwappang for @savage4618 @wolveric @clari7744 @notexttospeech for contributing to this release. Full change-log:


16 weeks and 6 days ago (25 Oct 23 08:15)

v2.30.0 is live!

  • You can now enable spoilers for Reddit posts marked as spoilers.
  • Moved to a different API for forex command.
  • Fixed broken input for blank packs in CAH
  • Moved moderation related features to a dedicated "Moderation" tab on the sidebar.
  • Added support for publishing feeds from announcement channels.
  • Fixes and Enhancements for self-hosters ( Read full release notes)

Fish and Chips for @shadow21a @lzodd @teyloll @soggysaussages for contributing to this release.

Full change-log:


20 weeks and 6 days ago (27 Sep 23 09:38)

v2.29.0 is live now.

  • If you delete a channel configured on the dashboard for something, the dashboard will show you "Deleted channel" instead of showing nothing and won't leave you confused on why things don't work.
  • Changes to ( which none of you will ever read)
  • VoiceStates struct now has SelfVideo and SelfStream properties. SelfVideo is set to true if a user is sharing their camera. SelfStream is set to true when the user started a stream using discords "Go live" feature.
  • You can now do a simple range over a series of numbers in Custom Command Templates.


Should print `0011`

{{range 2}}{{.}}{{end}}`` Should print01`

Should print `empty`

{{range -1}}{{else}}empty{{end}}``` Should throw an error

  • publishMessage and publishResponse has been added to custom command templates.

publishMessage accepts channelID (has to be announcement channel) and messageID as params and publishes the message if it is unpublished. publishResponse publishes the response of a CC Template in executed in an announcement channel.

They cannot be used in join / leave feeds and are bound by discord rate-limits. ( 10/ hour for announcements and 3/hr on editing an published message)

  • All DMs from the bot will now have a server info button instead of a string appended to content or embed footer, you know what this means? You can use footers again in DM embeds.

Espetinhos for @phenpessoa @jo3_l @soggysaussages @stachelbeere1248 @lzodd for contributing to this release

Full change-log:


25 weeks and 4 days ago (25 Aug 23 09:24)

v2.28.0 is live now!

  • .Guild.Banner is now a thing.
  • Fixed a bug where setting limit of 0 on dbDelMultiple would delete all keys that matches the pattern. It will now delete 100 keys only.
  • Added new default avatar url for users who are on the new username system.
  • Added 10 new wouldyourather questions
  • Custom Commands can now trigger on message edits (See attached screenshot) When a custom command is triggered when a message edits, .IsMessageEdit will be true else it will be false. This is a premium only feature, if you enable this and then disable premium, this would be auto-disabled.

Dim Sums for @lzodd @savage4618 @jo3_l for contributing to this release!

Full change log:


26 weeks and 5 days ago (17 Aug 23 09:19)

v2.27.0 is live now!

  • Incident alerts on dashboard for discord api will now link to the status page of the incident.
  • Autorole now has an option to ignore bots.
  • Privacy improvements on reminders slash command
  • Fixes to Discord Automod triggering Yag automod twice.
  • Messages now have activity details
  • Advanced Automod Channel Conditions now have Ignore Threads filter.
  • Leading and trailing whitespaces on custom command responses are now trimmed.
  • Improved argument parsing for custom commands.
  • Fixed wyr command, and moved to a predefined list instead of being dependent on an API.

Chimichangas for @u84 @lzodd @soggysaussages

Full release notes:


30 weeks and 6 days ago (19 Jul 23 12:16)

v2.26.1 is live now!

  • Clean command has a new -from flag, the deleting will start at this message, and all messages sent after this will be ignored during the clean.
  • RSVP (also known as events) embed will now show user mention instead of their usernames.
  • Fixed UI bug on home page with incorrect reddit feed count when there were no slow feeds set.
  • owldictionary command has been replaced with dictionary command which uses as owlbot api is shutting down.
  • Automod v2 has been renamed to Advanced Automoderator to make it easier for people to understand that is an upgrade of basic automod.
  • Updated contribution guidelines.
  • The home page feed will now show authors Globalname instead of username. ( Only self-hosts will notice this)
  • Bumped dependencies to remove reported vulnerabilities by dependabot.

Bánh Mì for @lzodd for contributing to this release.

Full release notes:


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