1 week and 4 days ago (26 Nov 19 17:33)

YAGPDB v1.20.17

Another small update, with mostly back end changes and some community provided additions, here's the change log:

  • New automod command: automod violations @user - shows that user's recorded automod violations (by @Satty )
  • New automod command: automod ViolationsCount @user - shows a more compressed summary of that users violations (by @Satty )
  • mentionrole command now accepts a -channel channel-here - switch to send the mention in another channel (by @Satty )
  • New cc/template function: getChannel channel-id-here - returns the channel with the provided id or name (by @Satty )
  • Fixed streaming plugin using wrong fields
  • Fixed not being able to submit valid long custom commands because of counting bytes instead of runes


3 weeks and 4 days ago (13 Nov 19 02:26)

YAGPDB v1.20.15

Another small update with performance improvements behind the scenes and some community contributions.

  • cc/templates: new editChannelTopic <channel> <topic> function that changes the specified channel topic (by @Satty)
  • cc/templates: new editNickname <nickname> function that changes the current users nickname (by @Satty)
  • cc/templates: new sub <a> <b> function that subtracts b from a (by @caubert )
  • moderation: ban command now accepts a -ddays <days> switch that determines how many days of messages to delete for that user (max 7) (by @Satty)
  • moderation: don't send punishment dm's if there is none (by @Satty)


5 weeks and 4 days ago (30 Oct 19 05:29)

YAGPDB v1.20.14

Small update with a couple of fixes. I haven't been good at posting changelogs in the past so I'm going to try to do a better job on that from now on.

  • Feeds have gotten some improvements and should be more reliable during heavy loads
  • Legacy automod renamed to basic automod and is no longer deprecated
  • Templates: added Del <key> function to sdict (by @Satty)


7 weeks and 3 days ago (16 Oct 19 20:08)

This channel and <#465887983657287686> are now announcement type channels which means you can follow them!


9 weeks and 3 days ago (02 Oct 19 20:13)

@everyone YAGPDB has hit 300k servers!

As a celebration, i'm doing a bunch of giveaways in <#166208623775711232> and <#453220723117522995> (for quality patrons)!

I also have a feedback survey i would appreciate if you answered:


12 weeks and 4 days ago (11 Sep 19 10:58)

Maintenance complete, bot is coming back online now!


12 weeks and 4 days ago (11 Sep 19 10:31)

YAGPDB is going down for 15-30 minutes now for some maintenance as described in <#465887983657287686>


13 weeks ago (08 Sep 19 06:47)

So the bot is in the final stages of recovering, just cleaning up things here and there now.

Here's what caused the 3 hour downtime:

At around 4am CEST a backup of the main DB started, its over 100GB so it takes some time, but it also decreases disk performance aswell, this caused the DB to fall behind and shards started dying because of it, around half the shards died initially, constantly trying to reconnect

At 5:30am CEST the token was reset because of too many gateway identifies (caused by constantly trying to reconnect as mentioned above) causing the whole thing to come down

At around 5:40am CEST the bot servers got banned for api spam because of faulty reconnect code causing spam when the token was reset.

So yeah, my fault in the end, need to re-engineer backups and fix my stupid reconnect code.


13 weeks ago (08 Sep 19 03:41)

Entire bot died, I assume the token was reset.


14 weeks and 5 days ago (27 Aug 19 00:45)

Custom command/template changes

  • New variable .CCID: the id of the currently executing custom command
  • Max ops slightly re-done, limits increased to 1 million for normal servers, and 2.5 for premium
  • Added reaction triggers, The following new variables is provided when using them:
    • .Reaction the reaction object, has the following fields: UserID, MessageID, Emoji.(ID/Name), ChannelID, GuildID, Emoji.ID is the id of the emoji for custom emojis, and Emoji.Name will hold the unicode emoji if its a default one. (otherwise the name of the custom emoji)
    • .ReactionMessage message object for the message the reaction was added/removed from/to
    • .ReactionAdded boolean indicating wether the reaction was added or removed
  • There can now be multiple custom commands executing per message/reaction, up to 3 for normal servers and 5 for premium servers.
  • Added editChannelName function, takes in a channel and the new name: {{editChannelName 12301283 "some new name here"}}
  • Added onlineCount function that returns the count of online users on your server
  • Added dbCount userids... function that counts the number of db entries for the specified user ids (or all if none provided) (by @caubert)
  • Added newDate year, monthInt, day, hour, min, sec function that creates a new time object with the specified arguments (by @caubert)

... And a lot more backend/system/smaller changes not mentioned here.


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