4 weeks and 1 day ago (25 Aug 23 09:24)

v2.28.0 is live now!

  • .Guild.Banner is now a thing.
  • Fixed a bug where setting limit of 0 on dbDelMultiple would delete all keys that matches the pattern. It will now delete 100 keys only.
  • Added new default avatar url for users who are on the new username system.
  • Added 10 new wouldyourather questions
  • Custom Commands can now trigger on message edits (See attached screenshot) When a custom command is triggered when a message edits, .IsMessageEdit will be true else it will be false. This is a premium only feature, if you enable this and then disable premium, this would be auto-disabled.

Dim Sums for @lzodd @savage4618 @jo3_l for contributing to this release!

Full change log:


5 weeks and 2 days ago (17 Aug 23 09:19)

v2.27.0 is live now!

  • Incident alerts on dashboard for discord api will now link to the status page of the incident.
  • Autorole now has an option to ignore bots.
  • Privacy improvements on reminders slash command
  • Fixes to Discord Automod triggering Yag automod twice.
  • Messages now have activity details
  • Advanced Automod Channel Conditions now have Ignore Threads filter.
  • Leading and trailing whitespaces on custom command responses are now trimmed.
  • Improved argument parsing for custom commands.
  • Fixed wyr command, and moved to a predefined list instead of being dependent on an API.

Chimichangas for @u84 @lzodd @SoggySaussages

Full release notes:


9 weeks and 3 days ago (19 Jul 23 12:16)

v2.26.1 is live now!

  • Clean command has a new -from flag, the deleting will start at this message, and all messages sent after this will be ignored during the clean.
  • RSVP (also known as events) embed will now show user mention instead of their usernames.
  • Fixed UI bug on home page with incorrect reddit feed count when there were no slow feeds set.
  • owldictionary command has been replaced with dictionary command which uses as owlbot api is shutting down.
  • Automod v2 has been renamed to Advanced Automoderator to make it easier for people to understand that is an upgrade of basic automod.
  • Updated contribution guidelines.
  • The home page feed will now show authors Globalname instead of username. ( Only self-hosts will notice this)
  • Bumped dependencies to remove reported vulnerabilities by dependabot.

Bánh Mì for @lzodd for contributing to this release.

Full release notes:


10 weeks and 3 days ago (12 Jul 23 11:38)

v2.25.0 is live now!

  • .Guild.IconURL will now give animated icons too.
  • 8ball command has been brought in sync with the original 8ball. So responses have been expanded to include all 8 ball responses.
  • customembed command now allows using YAML and codeblocked JSON.
  • Added new "Message Triggers Discord Automod" trigger to AMv2
  • Attempted a fix for twitter feeds, but it doesn't work at yags scale, so twitter feeds continue to be disabled.

Acarajé ( we are beginning again from the letter A but this time with street foods) for @lzodd and @u84

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11 weeks and 5 days ago (03 Jul 23 15:31)

v2.24.0 is live now!

  • Leave and Join messages fields now show char counts.
  • editChannelName allows editing thread names now.
  • .Guild.IconURL gives you server pfp now


{{ $icon := .Guild.IconURL "1024" }}
  • getWarnings template has been added to Custom Commands, it gives you a slice of warnings for a user


{{$warnings := getWarnings 665243449405997066 }}

Each warning object contains the following keys

UserID // string snowflake of the warned user 
AuthorID // the mod who warned 
AuthorUsernameDiscrim //username and discrim of the mod who warned 
Message //text reason for warning 
LogsLink //the link the dashboard log for this warn, it will be empty if the log is deleted or older than 30 days
  • Minor ui fixes

Zwetschgenkuchen for @lzodd @u84 golu7679 for contributing to this release

twitter feeds have been disabled with this release, as elon made it such that every page now needs a user account, so scrapers don't work well. If you've been using premium just for these, please send in your refund request to [email protected] with the subject Refund for YAGPDB patreon because elon sucks

Full release notes:


13 weeks and 5 days ago (19 Jun 23 12:35)

v2.23.0 is live now!

  • Users who have moved to the new username system won't show up with discriminator
  • Global_name will be shown on the dashboard dropdown if logged in user has moved to the new username system.

Yoghurt for @lzodd for contributing to this release.

Full Release notes:


16 weeks and 5 days ago (29 May 23 13:34)

v2.22.0 is live now!

  • expanded support for youtube urls to add channels ( playlists, and live urls work too)
  • topserver, topcommands have been restricted to botadmin only, other debug commands have been restricted to botowner only.
  • fixed bug with returns in try-catch block.
  • fixes to sanitizeText
  • fixed a bug in automod with violations expiring immediately
  • .User.Globalname is a thing now, will only be available for people who have moved to the new username system.
  • clearwarns command will now log to modlog channel.

Xi Gua Lao for @wolveric @jo3_l @phenpessoa @u84 @lzodd for contributing to this release.

Full Release notes:


22 weeks ago (22 Apr 23 09:48)

v2.21.0 is live now

**Twitter feed is back! **

This implementation of twitter feed isn't as reliable as the previous implementation was, hence a few caveats:

  • There can be a latency of up to 30 - 60 minutes in the feed.
  • It may miss tweets due to high rate-limits.
  • If the username of a twitter account changes, you'll have to recreate the feed.

Twitter feed will continue to be a premium feature as they have added cost associated with it for running on YAGPDB prod, If you want to run it for free, you can always self-host.

**These changes only affect twitter feed, so you may not see this version in the status command. **

Waffles for @buthed010203 putting the annoying idea of getting them working again.

Full release notes:


22 weeks and 4 days ago (18 Apr 23 12:19)

v2.20.0 is live now.

  • More unnecessary "improvements" to sanitizeText
  • Much needed Youtube feed refactoring
  • Added a lot of debug logs to reddit feed.
  • Vanity URL for servers will now be ignored from invite spam. ( This may not work instantly as the bot maintains a cache of invites, which autoclears after a certain duration)

Vegan cup cake for @wolveric and @u84 for contributing to this release.


25 weeks and 2 days ago (30 Mar 23 13:25)

v2.19.0 is live now!

  • Added an unnecessary lot of nouns and adjectives.
  • Replaced with for wyr command, because is borked.
  • Added evalcc command, you can evaluate a CC on discord directly, you need manage servers perms to do so.

Ugly pie for @weepinghoney and Uovo Sbattuto for @lzodd for contributing to this release

Full release notes


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