less than 1 day ago (17 Sep 21 15:15)

Hello! My Name's Ashish, I go here by Des, and I am the Engineering Manager ( also masquerading as community manager) for Botlabs. As you know Jonas' ( The founder of YAGPDB) has moved on from the project, and is pursuing other ventures. He has been transferring his knowledge of YAGPDB to the new Devs. Please meet your new Devs for YAGPDB.

  • @ciphereck ( IRL known as Nitin), he was the senior dev on Piggy for the last year and half, and has been under the apprenticeship of Jonas for last 2 months, he will be the lead dev and maintainer for YAGPDB.
  • @Prava? ( IRL known as Pravar ), Pravar has been a dev on Piggy and Gamestats, and has been picking Jonas' brain for the last 2 months.

Please be kind to them 🙂

We'll try to host an AMA with them as soon as we get things settled down for YAGPDB! Thank you 🙂


1 week and 4 days ago (06 Sep 21 12:08)

Stepping down from YAGPDB

In about 2 weeks time I will be leaving botlabs and also as a result yagpdb. To quickly answer the question you all have then: YAGPDB will still be run and developed by botlabs.

I have been developing and running yagpdb for over 5 years now, and as you might recall 2 years ago it became part of botlabs and that helped stabilize things for me. But now I want to work on other projects so I'm leaving botlabs and yagpdb.

Another question you might have is; what will change? And the answer to that is that most likely nothing will, not that I'm aware of anyways.

Before I leave I wanna thank the support team for all that they did, honestly support is one the hardest parts of running a discord bot.

You know where to find me if you wanna contact me, See You Space Cowboy.


7 weeks and 2 days ago (28 Jul 21 18:58)

Just a heads up about yags and threads:

Yag is currently not aware of threads and needs to be updated to support them, so anything happening inside threads yag wont see and it can't act on. This will take 2 weeks to fix as that's when i get back from vacation.


12 weeks and 5 days ago (20 Jun 21 12:23)


Yag is now on 2 million servers! Wahoooooooooooo!

Black Wolf

17 weeks and 3 days ago (18 May 21 15:08)

<:pog:842260542479532042> pinging because Jonas forgot


17 weeks and 3 days ago (18 May 21 14:58)

YAGPDB Project update

There's been a while since last update announcement so i thought i'd do a project update post summarizing everything going on currently.

Just because there hasn't been many feature additions does not mean that there hasn't been any work on yags, just keeping a bot as big and as dynamic and flexible as this alive takes a very large amount of work, discord is a constantly changing platform and every tiny change they make could ripple and affect large bots with unintended side effects (this has happened so many times). There has been almost 500 commits since the last update post.

Notable changes since last update post:

  • An onboarding process to ease adding the bot onto new servers
  • Slash commands integration for yags has been released!
  • Control panel logs was revamped completely
  • Proper message logs access control, by default only accessible to server members
  • Massive amounts of work into scaling the bot
  • A bunch of custom command/template stuff, you can find more about that in the docs!

As for whats being currently worked on:

  • A new dashboard, you might think the current one is fine but boy, if you have looked at the code you know how much spaghetti the web portion of it is.
  • Working my way through the pull request backlog, i was caught up in a bunch of other work and didn't review pull requests for a year but I'm back to reviewing and accepting pull requests again now!
  • A bunch of scaling work, fixing and debugging bugs and so on...

And finally i want to thank the support staff for keeping everything running on this side of things!


21 weeks and 1 day ago (22 Apr 21 20:13)

Breaking change: leave messages can no longer call sendDM

Black Wolf

24 weeks and 1 day ago (01 Apr 21 11:24)

Sorry for the 2 pings, someone used a bug to ping everyone twice ||or did they <:yeJonas:786998131723206676>, of course it is an april fool hehe||


24 weeks and 2 days ago (01 Apr 21 10:42)

yag is shutting down for good!

april fools or something idk calendars


31 weeks and 3 days ago (10 Feb 21 06:46)

Change to ticket system: Tickets no longer inherit perms of the category they was created in, this is because a "recent" change discord made kinda broke that feature unless you gave the bot admin perms, it will hopefully get re-enabled in the near future.


To add this bot to your server, click login in the upper right corner, then afterwards select it in the "select server" dropdown up top.

Make sure you have manage server permissions and that you are logged into the right account.

Afterwards, explore a little to get familiar with the interface and the features it provides.

If you stumble into any issues and need help, join the support server.

Thanks to my patrons!

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