1 week and 1 day ago (17 May 22 09:05)


YAGPDB v2.1.0 is live now.

  • All feeds ( twitter, youtube, reddit) have a toggle to enable/disable now
  • The bot now has an english dictionary, check /owldictionary or owl command on how to use it. This is powered by
  • SendMessage AMv2 effect now has an option to auto-delete the message
  • Added reQuoteMeta func to CC context to escape metacharacters in a string.
  • Moderation related errors can now be sent to a channel instead of DM to moderated user.
  • Reputation commands will now accept user-ids too.
  • AMV2 x attachments in y seconds now can check multiple attachments on a single message, this has to be enabled explicitly on the trigger.
  • Alt + Shift + S now saves the custom command, one less button to click!
  • Membership screening in auto role and verification has been added back with optimizations

Avocado Toasts for @AgentNeo @jo3-l @LemmeCry @mrbentarikau @Pedro Pessoa for contributions to this release.

There are lot more bugfixes and improvements, you can see them in the full release notes here


2 weeks and 6 days ago (05 May 22 11:38)

New Release !

With this release we have finally merged all the scattered dependencies of YAGPDB into a single repository.

No more pull requests will be accepted in other repositories

The package version for yagpdb has also been upgraded to V2.

Other major changes in this release:

  • Kick commands now accepts a cl flag and an integer as input to clear only specified number of messages for the kicked user.
  • DomainRegex to detect domain names, and LinkRegex to detect links are now available as constants in the CC context.
  • SendMessage effect has been added to AMV2, you can now send a custom message on an AMV2 trigger.
  • dadjoke command has been added.

Nachos for @LemmeCry @mrbentarikau @Pedro Pessoa @savage for contributing to this release.


3 weeks and 6 days ago (28 Apr 22 10:59)

.Member now has the Avatar property (.Member.Avatar) and .AvatarURL method (.Member.AvatarURL size) which work similar to .User.Avatar and .User.AvatarURL size. If the member does not have a custom server avatar, the normal user avatar is returned.

{{$a := .Member.Avatar}} {{/* $a is the guild member avatar hash*/}}

{{.Member.AvatarURL "256"}} {{/* sends the server avatar url. If not present, sends .User.AvatarURL "256" */}}

Docs on the same here:


4 weeks and 1 day ago (26 Apr 22 15:25)

Due to Performance issues, Membership Screening check has been removed from AutoRole for now.

This feature was added yesterday, but it crashes a complete shard if there is a large server in a shard, keeping the bot offline, we'll look for a better scaling way to implement it again in future.


4 weeks and 2 days ago (25 Apr 22 10:13)

New Release is here!

This one has some breaking changes, so all Self Hosters do be careful before migrating.

Major Changes:

  • Retroactive Role-Scan is now Premium only and has seen some performance improvements and ux updates.
  • AutoRole now has an option to wait for Membership Screening to be done before giving the role.
  • AMV2 now has a new message length trigger.
  • toInt, toInt64, toFloat have been updated to support time.Month and time.Weekday.
  • mathConst templates have been added for CCs
  • Reaction based custom commands can now trigger in threads too

Full Release Notes:

Pizza for the below people for contributing to this release. @mrbentarikau @Pedro Pessoa @lzodd ei14 MatiasMfm @jo3-l @AgentNeo


5 weeks and 6 days ago (14 Apr 22 22:54)

As a consequence of the restart earlier today, the template executor has been updated to support three new actions (break, continue, return) and one new built-in function (execTemplate).

break and continue can only be used in range/while loops and exit from the loop / skip to the next iteration respectively.

return and execTemplate enable returning from templates and retrieving the return value from an execution of an associated template respectively. Additionally, return may be used at the top-level, in which case it completely stops execution of the program. Below is an example:

{{ define "factorial" }}
  {{- $n := 1 }}
  {{- range seq 2 (add . 1) }}
    {{- $n = mult $n . -}}
  {{- end }}
  {{- return $n -}}
{{ end }}

{{ if not .CmdArgs }}
  no arguments passed
  {{ return }}
{{ end }}

{{ $n := toInt (index .CmdArgs 0) }}
{{ $n }}! = {{ execTemplate "factorial" $n }}

Formal documentation is forthcoming.


6 weeks and 6 days ago (07 Apr 22 08:03)


I propose rose-scented love letters for @LemmeCry @AgentNeo @lzodd and extensive couples therapy for @savage for contributing to this release.

Link to full release notes:


8 weeks ago (30 Mar 22 08:26)


8 weeks and 2 days ago (28 Mar 22 12:54)

The template relates changes in the below PRs are being rolled back, if you used try catch, or while in your CC, please undo the changes.

and adds support for try catch in Yagpdb-CC 
more details:

and also ensures that pointers to empty values will be returned as empty 
more details:


9 weeks ago (23 Mar 22 15:02)


This updates has a lot of bugfixes on the dashboard, Full release notes:

and adds support for try catch in Yagpdb-CC more details:

and also ensures that pointers to empty values will be returned as empty more details:

Send cookies to below monsters for these updates @jo3-l @AgentNeo @LemmeCry @savage


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