Jonas7472 days ago (21 Mar 19 12:02)

Hey, I'm looking into possibly starting a custom bot hosting and developing service for discord bots (including hosting custom instances of yags), but i'm not sure if there is an actual need for this or not so i'm positing this message to see what the interest for this is.

If this is something you would be interested in or you know someone else that is, send me a message to let me know!

YAGPDB.xyz2 weeks ago (09 Mar 19 18:04)

Reddit feeds now uses webhooks and requires that you give it Manage Webhooks permissions for them to function, if it does not have this permission it will disable the feeds.

You can see the disabled feeds in the control panel, and they will be re-enabledwhen you save them.

Jonas7472 weeks ago (09 Mar 19 13:52)

Later today or tomorrow YAGPDB reddit feeds will switch to webhooks, the bot will manage all that stuff itself but it will need Manage Webhook permissions to do that.

This message is meant as a heads up to give you a chance to do that before i push the update.

YAGPDB.xyz3 weeks ago (02 Mar 19 23:39)


New stats

Stats now tracks some basic info over time, premium will have infinite stats storage while everyone else gets 7 days of retention.

The stats tracked over time for now are: joined, left, total, online members and number of messages sent.

More templating / custom command functionality and reworked limits

Only 1 instance of each custom command can now be running at the same time.

Most functions now use a single limit bucket, with 100 as the limit, which means that you can send 100 messages but you wont be able to run the same command again until its done sending those 100 messages.

Added some helper variables for dealing with durations: .TimeHour .TimeMinute .TimeSecond , which you can use in the time functions. Example: {{$twelveHoursFromNow := .currentTime.Add (mult 12 .TimeHour)}}

Added execCC cc-id channel delay-seconds data which executes the specified custom command, optionally after the specified delay in seconds, max recursion depth is 2 and its ratelimited strictly at max 10 delayed custom commands executed per channel per minute, if you go over that it will be simply thrown away.

The data argument in execCC can be anything and will be made available as the .ExecData variable in the command you specified to run.

For a very complicated example check out the <#551526991250325544> for a countdown timer i made that utilizes this.

Template functions takeRole and removeRole now accepts a delay in seconds

Temporary roles

Moderation now has GiveRole/AddRole/arole/grole and TakeRole/RemoveRole/trole/rrole commands to give and take away roles from people. You can specify a duration after which they get removed using -d 10h5m10s .

New Automod v2 effect: give role, with optional duration.

More changes

  • Fixed invite detection being case sensitive on the domain
  • Added support for custom warning and mute messages

Jonas7474 weeks and 3 days ago (20 Feb 19 15:54)

Seems there's a be a bug with the caching system in place, which means some actions you save in the control panel may take 10 minutes to take effect, i'm looking into it now. Edit: should be resolved for now, i'll be improving the reliability of the pubsub system so that this wont happen again

Jonas7475 weeks and 6 days ago (10 Feb 19 21:55)

I've removed fast reddit feeds to the top 10 subreddits on reddit, its simply too much for the current system and its pretty useless in that case aswell.

Jonas7476 weeks and 1 day ago (08 Feb 19 17:28)

I've limited the fast reddit feed to 200 posts per hour per server now since i'm running into a issue with global ratelimits. Seems like i'll have to use webhooks.

YAGPDB.xyz6 weeks and 4 days ago (05 Feb 19 16:21)

Minor update v1.15.1

  • Increased custom command size limit to 10k, the limit is now also combined across all responses on the command now
  • Increased join/leave message size limit to 5k

Templating changes

  • Added function: reFindAll which returns a slice of strings
  • sdict now returns a custom type which has a Get key and a Set key value method on it, which allows you to mutate certain keys after you create it
  • cembed now accepts a sdict as argument to create the embed from
  • Math functions now return ìnt instead of int64 for simplicity

The changes to sdict and cembed allows you to combine it with editMessage so that you don't have to reconstruct the whole embed to edit a single field.


{{$dict := sdict "key1" "value1" "key2" "value2" }}
{{$dict.Set "key2" "another value" }}

YAGPDB.xyz6 weeks and 5 days ago (05 Feb 19 00:15)

YAGPDB v1.15 is released!

UPDATE TIME! This update contains large improvements to the Reddit feed and logs backend code, as well as general changes all over the place.

Revamped Reddit feeds

  • There is now 2 feeds, a fast one and a slow one that runs 15 minutes behind, that allows you to put score limits on Reddit posts posted to your discord.
  • Added NSFW filtering
  • Basically completely rewritten almost, so it's in a "beta" state now

Custom commands / templating changes

  • Added urlescape "string" to escape a string for usage in url's
  • Added math operators mult x y z... div x y z... and fdiv x y z...
  • mult and div will detect whether you're doing floating point or integer math (use toFloat on the first arg to force floating point math)
  • fdiv does floating point divisions specifically
  • Added sleep seconds (max 60 combined) to pause the execution of the custom command for the specified duration in seconds
  • Note that this can be interrupted during bot upgrades
  • Added regex function reFind "regex" "input string"
  • Added regex function reReplace "regex" "input string" "replacement"
  • Added editMessage channel message_id new_message_content to edit existing messages
  • Added toFloat to convert numbers or strings to float64

Currently the limits on custom command function calls are a bit weird and i'm planning on revamping that system as well as extending the limits for patrons by a lot next update.

Other changes

  • Logs: You can now restrict message logs to certain roles
  • Rolemenus: Fix occasionally sending messages to users not on the server when their reactions are getting removed
  • Web: Control panel warnings (the yellow things) are no longer annoying
  • Thanks to Michdi, caubert and arch-lord for various grammar fixes and whatnot

So that's that, there's currently 1955 commits in the Github repo, 2k soon, woo!

Jonas7477 weeks and 2 days ago (31 Jan 19 21:47)

Reddit spoilers are now using discord's built in ||spoilers|| (refresh if you can't see em)


To add this bot to your server click login in the upper right corner, then afterwards select it in the "select a server" dropdown up top.

Make sure you have manage server permissions and that you are logged into the right account

Afterwards, click around a little to get familiar with the interface and what it provides

If you stumble into any issue and need help then join the support server. (link at the top of the page)

Thanks to my patrons!

Patreon tiers above 3$ will grant you premium slots you can assign to servers, see the premium page for more info

Check out...

YAGPDB is open source! The project is hosted on github here: jonas747/yagpdb

Donate using patreon, bitcoin and other cryptos! Donating $3 or more will grant you premium slots you can assign to servers!

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