1 day ago (20 Jun 24 09:37)

starting July 1st 2024, the number of free feeds on reddit and youtube will be reduced to 10 from the current 50, Your existing feeds beyond the new free limit will be deactivated automatically. If you really need more feeds please get a premium subscription.


5 days ago (16 Jun 24 12:02)

v2.39.0 is live now.

  • You can now sort a slice of dicts/structs using a key
  • viewperms command now supports an optional channel param to view perms of yagpdb in a specific channel from another channel.
  • Fixed a bug in ui where a custom command is deleted even when the actions is cancelled in the delete confirmation pop-up.
  • Custom Command editor now has syntax highlighting.
  • Added optional support for delay in addRole and takeRole functions.
  • Added new conditions to advanced auto-mod for messages with and without attachments
  • Added Support cross channel identical messages detection in advanced auto-mod.
  • Added functions for editing threads and closing them using ccs.
  • Added support for interactions in custom commands. Reference Documentation
  • A lot of bug fixes and enhancements.

Full changelog:

Jambon for @phenpessoa @j.stephano @jo3_l @lzodd @soggysaussages @nice_aces for contributing to this release


6 weeks and 1 day ago (09 May 24 14:00)

v2.38.0 is live now.

  • Did youtube reliability improvements.
  • Using reminder command in a server will only show you reminders set in that server, for all reminders you can see it in DM.

Full Changelog:


8 weeks and 2 days ago (24 Apr 24 12:41)

v2.37.0 is live now.

  • Premium servers can now have CCs that are upto 20k characters long.
  • Fixes to import CCs

Full Changelog:


9 weeks and 2 days ago (17 Apr 24 10:22)

v2.36.0 is live now!

  • Read Only access to the yagpdb dashboard has been removed for "All members" and "All non-members" , you can still give read-only access by Roles.
  • CC command output now has links to the custom command.
  • Reason in discord audit log will be be added for moderation actions which were missing it earlier.
  • createThread function in CC has two new params auto_archive_duration and invitable added to it, read discord docs to understand what these params do on a thread.
  • .Member should now have PremiumSince and Flags properties.
  • Added support for making custom commands public and importable, when you set a custom command as public, a sharable link is created with which anyone can copy the CC to their own servers. Damn!
  • Fixed minor UI issues on CC page.
  • Fixed Typos and warnings.
  • Added docker config to let selfhosters debug even when the bot is running in a container, just start from the .debug dockerfiles , Support for now is only for VSCode.
  • Some long pending code cleanup.

Full Changelog

Imqaret for alis0nc @wolveric @soggysaussages for contributing to this release.


11 weeks and 4 days ago (01 Apr 24 05:17)

Ducks are cool.


14 weeks and 2 days ago (13 Mar 24 09:53)

v2.35.1 is live now!

  • Fixed a bug in channel restrictions for thanks detection
  • Added autocomplete on rolemenu (group name) for slash commands
  • Fixed a bug with the evalCC missing the trigger message context

imqaret for @clari7744 @savage4618 @lzodd @soggysaussages @zeing for contributing to this release

Full Changelog:


19 weeks and 3 days ago (06 Feb 24 15:37)

v2.34.1 is live now!

  • .Message.Reactions now contains data for super- reactions.
  • Fixed a bug for logs being created for threads in blacklisted channels.
  • Added basic thread management functions to CustomCommands Read for more details
  • Added forum support to CC Read for more details
  • Enhancements to CC Database page search and pagination.
  • General bug fixes and enhancements.

Hokkien mee for @lemmecry @jo3_l @j.stephano, @lzodd for contributing to this release.

Full ChangeLog


23 weeks and 2 days ago (09 Jan 24 17:31)

v2.33.0 is live now!

  • Added trivia command, gives you a random trivia question, you have 30 seconds to answer, multiple people can participate in the question.
  • Disabled twitter feed again, as it is kind of pointless to run it for the limited set of accounts.

Full Changelog:


24 weeks and 1 day ago (04 Jan 24 07:00)

a hotfix v2.32.2 is live now

  • Patched a fix for Button Interaction not working when they don't have an emoji
  • giving a rep will now show the users total rep in the response message
  • Twitter feeds are conditionally working only for gold verified accounts as twitter is now restricting showing user timelines without login, we are looking for a fix to bypass this restriction, if and when fixed, we'll do an announcement.

Galette-saucisse for @galen8183 and @lemmecry for contributing to this release.

Full Change-log


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