YAGPDB.xyzless than 1 day ago (22 Jan 19 19:58)

YAGPDB v1.14 is live!

During the upgrade, while your server is on the old version custom commands will not work (all servers should be updated within 5-10 minutes)

Another update is out! This time i have mostly spent time updating custom commands on both the front end and back-end, since they're one of the oldest features they also had the most legacy code, but this is meant to fix that and allow me to do more with custom commands more easily without having to deal with legacy stuff.

Custom commands getting some love

  • You can now group commands together and apply restrictions to entire sets of custom commands at once!

  • New triggers: Hourly and minute intervals, run commands repeatedly at a set interval!

  • This is fairly new and could be considered "beta" , bugs will be ironed out as time goes on

Other changes

  • All moderation commands with user arguments now accepts user id's
  • Form validation has been improved, will no longer make you re-input everything if you went above a character limit or something
  • Moderation command responses has gotten a slight face-lift
  • New templating functions: targetHasRoleID user_id role_id and targetHasRoleName user_id role_name (by Fifthfiend#1958)
  • Stricter reddit ratelimit at 500 posts per hour down from 1000
  • A delayed reddit feed with more filters such as upvotes and whatnot is in the works

YAGPDB.xyz1 week ago (15 Jan 19 18:38)

Minor update: YAGPDB v1.13.3 Released!

  • Automod v2: Fix the bot deleting messages too fast, causing them to still show in discord even when deleted
  • Automod v2: x consecutive identical messages now has a option to specify time range
  • Automod v2: New effect: delete x last user messages within y seconds
  • Automod v2: New effect: reset violations
  • Link detection: (and all things related) now works without protocol specified (e.g google.com vs http://google.com)
  • Templates: Upped max sendMessage calls to 4
  • Reputation: Fixed rep thanks detections working on bots

YAGPDB.xyz1 week and 5 days ago (10 Jan 19 13:59)

#104 - Command: archivesuggest - Case sensitive trigger: false ``` {{$args := parseArgs 1 "" (carg "int" "message-id")}} {{$suggestionsChannel := 356486960417734666}} {{$archiveChannel := 532918109036740608}}

{{$message := getMessage $suggestionsChannel ($args.Get 0)}}

{{if $message}} {{sendMessage $archiveChannel (index $message.Embeds 0)}} {{deleteMessage $suggestionsChannel ($args.Get 0)}} doneso {{else}}Unknown message{{end}} ```

Jonas7471 week and 5 days ago (10 Jan 19 13:59)

Example usage of getMessage here, which archives our suggestions into the <#532918109036740608> channel

YAGPDB.xyz1 week and 5 days ago (10 Jan 19 13:43)

YAGPDB v1.13.2 Minor update

  • Rolemenus with single mode now removes existing reactions when you select another option (this is a bit slow atm, will improve further later)
  • If you attempt to use commands that sends embeds in channels where the bot does not have embed perms, it now warns you
  • Added getMessage channel-id message-id function for templates, it returns a message object

Jonas7472 weeks ago (09 Jan 19 09:26)

Minor update: YAGPDB v1.13.1

  • Reddit feeds are now ratelimited at 1k posts per hour per server
  • Added temporary role assignments for rolecommands

Jonas7472 weeks and 4 days ago (05 Jan 19 12:34)

YAGPDB v1.13

I decided to take some time and improve the existing features on the bot, extending them, fixing bugs and so on, instead of jumping onto a big new feature just yet.

  • templates: The max message deletion delay has been increased from 1 minute to 1 day
  • templates: fix exec/execAdmin not working with commands in containers (automod, rolemenu, cah)
  • web: fix /status page breaking during spikes of reconnects to the discord gateway
  • web: added colors to multiselect role dropdowns (a updated script is stuck in a caching layer somewhere, might take some time before this takes effect)
  • premium: fix having to set slots to 'none' before assigning them to another server
  • commands: fix container help showing even when no commands in the container is enabled in the current channel (cah, automod, rolemenu)
  • automod v2: pulled automod v2 out of beta
  • automod v2: new command: -automod rulesets/r/list/l that lists all the rulesets and wether they're enabeld or not
  • automod v2: new command: -automod logs [num-skip-entries] [-user @user] that shows triggered automod rules (optionally for the specified user)
  • automod v2: new triggers: message with/without attachments
  • reputation: changed all role restrictions from single to multiple select
  • soundboard: changed all role restrictions from single to multiple select
  • soundboard: added blacklist roles to sounds
  • moderation: no longer puts a modlog message in the current channel when none is assigned for the ban and kick commands
  • rolemenu: greatly improved setup, no longer spams setup messages for each step and you can react on the setup message itself

And as usual, a bunch of improvements and fixes behind the scenes.

YAGPDB.xyz2 weeks and 4 days ago (05 Jan 19 12:34)

YAGPDB v1.13 Released!

Jonas7473 weeks and 1 day ago (31 Dec 18 19:33)

Happy New years yall, giveaways delayed a day since I napped all day.

Jonas7474 weeks and 2 days ago (24 Dec 18 07:11)

Merry christmas and Happy holidays! (we nordic people celebrate on the 24th) Doing some giveaways here in the spaghetti channel with games contributed by @caubert later, they will last 24 hours so don't worry about missing it.


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