Need for funding 5th Mar 2018

Since ad-networks are denying me and the amazon ads are not giving any return. I'm gonna start seriously looking for other places for funding, such as Patreon which i hadn't taken very seriously before

The patreon goals have therefor been updated:

Quick run-down:

For $1/month: The patron role and access to the patron only channel.

For $5/month: Access to priority support

For $10/month: Access to the monthly patron only giveaways (which I'm gonna start holding soon), and the Quality supporter role and channel

For $25/month: Suggest and have me prioritize 1 relatively simple feature.

For $50/month: Suggest and have me prioritize 1 medium-sized feature.

For the 2 highest tiers you should contact me first if the only reason you're donating is if you want something added, as opposed to a bonus, because i may be working on something important.

The volunteer support has access to the monthly patron-only giveaways as well.

What differs from the priority support to the normal help and issues channel is that i have notifications on there and will generally help faster there. (Off course the volunteer support may help before me as well)

Generally suggestions and requests from support will weigh a lot more than everyone else, that doesn't mean i don't read them all though.

Version 0.27 27th Feb 2018

Minor update with a couple needed changes while im working on a couple bigger things.

I'm gonna remind you that my pareon is over here:, and that i appreciate any donations my way.

Thanks to buthed010203#9405, Nate [ACA30]#3971, and for various contributions to documentation and other different things, i really appreciate this help.

  • More documentation
  • Custom command updates:
    • Added {{addRoleID 1231231}} which adds the given role to the user that triggered the command
    • Added {{removeRoleID 1231231}} which removes the given role from the user that triggered the command
    • Added {{deleteResponse}} which deletes the response after 10 seconds
      • Might be updated to accept a delay variable in a later version
    • Added {{deleteTrigger}} which deletes the trigger after 10 seconds
      • Might be updated to accept a delay variable in a later version
  • Most role dropdowns have colors now (not the multi select ones yet)
  • Various changes in the backend to improve stability (which it hasnt been very lately)

Version 0.26 15th Feb 2018

Bot moved back to digital ocean and wow, these servers are much faster then scaleway's servers. to put it like this: my load average got sliced in half.

Buncho fixes, timed bans, backend changes and more!

Things may be relatively unstable, if they are then i'm rolling back the update.

  • Timed bans: Add the -d 10d5h30m switch to the ban command.
    • Example: -ban -d 7d @user banned for 7 days for being stupid
  • Added -banid command to ban ids directly, works for users not in the server aswell.
  • Added -ma Max age switch to clean command
    • Example: -clean -ma 1m 100 Will delete up to 100 messages sent in the last minute.
  • Added -r Regex switch to clean command, along with -i for case insensitive.
    • Example: -clean -r "tide pod" 100 will delete the last 100 messages containing tide pod. (will only search up to last 1k messages)
  • Added -define/df command which looks up stuff on urban dictionary
  • Added a 1s cooldown to rolecommands
  • New source of would you rather questions, as the previous one was very bad
    • Dark mode is also removed as this one has no dark mode.
  • Implement new gateway code
    • As a result it may be more stable, or more unstable...
    • Especially the soundboard.
  • Throw command is no longer boring... (I hope)
  • Fix not being able to remove groups from role commands
  • Fix mentionrole requiring manage server instead of manage roles

Moving host and recent downtimes 14th Feb 2018

You may have noticed some unstability lately, and i believe the cause is scaleway (my host) giving me terrible performance on their servers. So tomorrow (15th) i will once again move hosts, it will probably be around 2pm UTC, so expect over an hour of downtime.

Also you may have noticed ads coming on the website and that's because theres no donations, i will not upgrade to a higher tier server without half the cost being covered atleast, so if needed i will have to stop accepting new servers in a while if i get no funding, to have the bot continue functioning normally for the existing servers.

Version 0.25.1 6th Feb 2018

Minor update with various fixes and tweaks.

  • Some updates to docs
    • Should make it clearer that it's actually docs and not the configuration pages
  • Speed up startup time a little
  • Fixed throw command
  • Fix rep web leaderboard, and also fix the format

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