Jonas747 - 16 Aug 18 13:51

<@&245600360670953472> Minor update, YAGPDB 1.4.6:

  • Added new cah pack: cards against our sanity (sanity)
  • You can now do -cah c * to include all packs
  • Help command now handles cases where dm's are disabled
  • Fixed relatively rare crash in CAH games

Jonas747 - 15 Aug 18 09:26

I need to upgrade the hardware the bot is running on so the bot will go down for around 30 minutes today at around 3pm CEST

The cost of running this will then become 160$ a month, my current patreon earnings is 40$ and my current ad income is around 60$, so that leaves me to pay 60$ per month out of my own pocket, so i would appreciate it if you become a patron, i think im gonna have to prioritize some patreon benefits now to be able to keep running it, especially for future upgrades.

Jonas747 - 11 Aug 18 11:55

Accidentally pushed a debug build, which means if you added the bot within the last 2 hours your prefix may have been set to ( as opposed to -

Jonas747 - 06 Aug 18 23:07

<@&245600360670953472> YAGPDB v1.4 xenophobic Is here!

Added cards against humanity!

You can now play cards against humanity in discord, this is a very new feature and kinks will be worked out as we go on.

The game itself is played using reactions, so none of that typing bullshit.

To start a game: -cah create <packs> Example: -cah create main redbox to start a game with the main and rebox packs (the only 2 packs available atm)

See -help cah for more info on the cah commands!

Other changes

  • Modlog now properly handles actions not made through the bot!
    • This means if you ban someone using the click click menu for example, it will still show up properly in the modlog, it will even show the person that issued the ban. (works for ban, unban and kick)
  • General notifications now has full access to the templating functions
  • Patrons are now showcased on the site directly!

Templating changes

Added functions for giving and taking away roles from other users than the one currently triggering the command/template:

(target can be a user object or an id)

  • {{giveRoleName <target> <role_name>}} - Gives a role by name to the target
  • {{giveRoleID <target> <role_ID>}} - Gives a role by ID to the target
  • {{takeRoleName <target> <role_name>}} - Takes away a role by name from the target
  • {{takeRoleID <target> <role_ID>}} - Takes away a role by ID from the target

Added functions for retreiving the current users account age:

  • {{currentUserCreated}} - The time the current user was created
  • {{currentUserAgeHuman}} - The account age of the current user humanized down to hours (3 days 2 hours, for example)
  • {{currentUserAgeMinutes}} - The account age of the current user in minutes

Smaller changes

  • Updated polls to show username when nickname is empty (by @caubert)
  • Various improvements to the website (by @caskd)
  • Various improvements to the backend, performance optimisations and such

Jonas747 - 26 Jul 18 23:38

Summary of what happened last hour and 30 minutes:

  • Got a DDOS attack, web dashboard became pretty much unreachable during this period but the bot still managed to function fine (with some slightly higher latency)
  • Enabled cloudflare, as a result i had to change nameservers which means you might not be able to access the site for a couple hours until your DNS cache gets flushed

Jonas747 - 23 Jul 18 21:53

<@&245600360670953472> YAGPDB 1.3 Wacky is here!

General changes

  • Fixed command parsing throwing away \\
  • Fix the control panel showing "deleted channel" in multiselect dropdowns
  • clearwarnings and warnings now accepts id input for users not on your servers
  • Added the ability to clear all warnings on your server (see moderation settings)
  • Added the option to disable dm's for rolemenus (rolemenu -nodm)
    • toggle existing menus with rolemenu -nodm -m <message_id>

Custom command enhancements:

  • Added {{cembed <key> <value> <key> <value>...}}, this creates a embed object that can be used elsewhere (sendMessage/sendDM)

  • Added {{sendMessage <destination_channel> <message>}} to send message (string or embed) in channel, channel can be either nil, the channel id or the channels name

    • example: {{sendMessage nil "hello"}} sends hello in the channel that triggered the command
    • example: {{sendMessage "woo" "hello"}} sends hello in the channel with the name woo
  • Added {{sdict <key> <value> <key> <value>...}} which is the same as dict but with only string keys and can be used in cembed

  • Added {{cslice <val1> <val2>...}} which creates a slice (similar to array) that can be used elsewhere (cembed and sdict for example)

  • {{sendDM <message>}} now accepts embed objects

Advanced cembed example using cslice and sdict for fields and author:

{{$embed := cembed "title" "this is a title" "description" "this is a description" "color" 5000 "fields" (cslice (sdict "name" "field1" "value" "somevalue" "inline" true) (sdict "name" "field2" "value" "another value" "inline" true)) "author" (sdict "name" "someguy")}}

Jonas747 - 16 Jul 18 18:27

I finally added some datadog integration, here's some stats for yall

Jonas747 - 16 Jul 18 17:48

<@&245600360670953472> YAGPDB v1.2 is running

This is running some very new shard migration code to minimize the downtime between bot restarts, if something stopped working please let me know and i will revert this update if needed.

Other than that there's only 1 public facing change:

  • Removed cooldown on rolecommands for any modes other than "single"

Jonas747 - 11 Jul 18 11:07

I rebranded land o' jonas to the YAGPDB Community and support discord

Jonas747 - 08 Jul 18 22:47

<@&245600360670953472> YAGPDB v1.1 Unforgettable is released!

Big changes

  • Google safebrowsing integration! this will ban sites that contain malware and things like that (like that unsafe website warning chrome has), you can find it in automod in the "banned websites" section

Smaller changes

  • Lots of performance improvements in the backend
  • Added the ability to switch back to the old embed format for reddit feeds
  • Various tweaks to the website

Let me know if you come across any issues


To add this bot to your server click login in the upper right corner, then afterwards select it in the "select a server" dropdown up top.

Make sure you have manage server permissions and that you are logged into the right account

Afterwards, click around a little to get familiar with the interface and what it provides

If you stumble into any issue and need help then join the support server. (link at the top of the page)

Thanks to my patrons!

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