1 week and 3 days ago (24 Jul 20 17:16)

The control panel logs has been updated and sadly since the new format is so different from the old format (which was just a list of strings essentially) i can't migrate them, so all panel logs will essentially be reset.


3 weeks ago (14 Jul 20 00:43)

Minimum interval for custom commands has been changed to 5 minutes (up from 1 minute) in the next update


7 weeks and 4 days ago (11 Jun 20 18:46)

If you have a custom command, join message or anything like that that changes channel names/topics: Discord introduced a new ratelimit for editing channel names/topics that is 2 times per 10 mins (if i remember correctly) so either stop using it, or use it sparingly.


14 weeks and 2 days ago (25 Apr 20 19:03)

Due to a bug it seems like premium slots from Patreon pledges have been reset, you can re-assign your server to a slot by going to Sorry for the hassle.


14 weeks and 6 days ago (21 Apr 20 16:49)

You can now reset your past usernames and nicknames by sending resetpastnames to the bot in a dm


17 weeks and 6 days ago (31 Mar 20 14:39)

Later being this weekend


18 weeks and 5 days ago (25 Mar 20 12:45)

YAGPDB has now hit 500k servers! Maybe ill do some giveaways in <#166208623775711232> later...


19 weeks and 2 days ago (21 Mar 20 19:44)

@everyone YAGPDB v1.24

This is a relatively small update, but the visible changes are:

  • Changed the bot to use the new mention api from discord, this means that bugs and exploits letting people use everyone mentions and such when they shouldn't are gone, forever.
  • Fixed various bugs related to the unsaved changes popup

CC/Template changes:

  • Added toRune and toByte (by caubert)
  • The following cc/template functions are removed, and as a result I've also disabled all custom commands that used them, see below for an alternative:
    • "escapeHere"
    • "escapeEveryone"
    • "escapeEveryoneHere"

We have moved to the new discord api for controlling mentions in a message, see below for an alternative.

Added sendTemplate

  • Added {{sendTemplate channel name data}} and {{sendTemplateDM name data}}


{{define "log-stuff"}}
So this will be logged in another channel, and we can do complicated stuff here like {{mentionRoleName "r20"}} also some data {{.TemplateArgs}}

This is sent in the current channel, this is a role mention but we didnt use the function so it wont be pinged 
{{sendTemplate "modlog" "log-stuff" "some data i pass to it"}}
{{sendTemplate "modlog" "log-stuff" "some data i pass to it" "in the form of a dict"}}


23 weeks and 3 days ago (21 Feb 20 18:09)

@everyone YAGPDB V1.23 is here and while a lot of these changes were already added and available for a while now, i never announced them, so I'm just gonna sum up all the noteworthy changes from v1.22 above!


23 weeks and 3 days ago (21 Feb 20 18:08)


  • All: Proper escaping of mentions from outside sources such as youtube
  • Commands: Fixed help response being too big
  • Commands: Stopped sending the "you've got mail" message when in dm's
  • Commands: Escape role mentions in command responses
  • Automodv2: Fixed member age condition sometimes not working
  • TopWarnings: Fixed being able to paginate to empty pages (by caubert)
  • CC: Fixed being unable to set type to none
  • CC/Templates: Fixed dbBottomEntries being reversed
  • Whois: Fixed not showing proper joined at

... And a bunch more, as always I'm only putting visible changes here, and there is always a huge amount of backend work needed to keep the bot running smoothly. Fun fact: the bot is processing an average of 22k events per second from discord, peaking at 31k, that's A LOT of data!


To add this bot to your server, click login in the upper right corner, then afterwards select it in the "select server" dropdown up top.

Make sure you have manage server permissions and that you are logged into the right account.

Afterwards, explore a little to get familiar with the interface and the features it provides.

If you stumble into any issues and need help, join the support server.

Thanks to my patrons!

Patreon tiers above 3$ will grant you premium slots you can assign to servers, see the premium page for more info.

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