3 weeks and 6 days ago (30 Jul 19 00:54)

The above is in effect now, i will edit this messages with updates.

Edit #1: some problems with the update, trying again now

Edit #2: initial shard migration is in progress, can't initiate the log migration before all nodes are updated

Edit #3: Looks like its gonna take 2 days to fully migrate the houndreds of millions of messages over, sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit #4: Since it's taking so long i might add a temporary read only fallback for the legacy logs tomorrow, we'll see how far it gets, im heading to bed for now tough

Edit #5: Migration is complete, to give you an idea how much space this saved: previous size for the logs was 69GB, now its 17GB


4 weeks and 1 day ago (28 Jul 19 02:07)

Sometime in the near future (thinking tomorrow or in 2 days, my aim is during the less active hours when i'm awake) i will push a new storage format for the message logs, while migrating all the older message logs to the new format you wont be able to access the older message logs made before that update, i predict this will take atleast a few hours since i have 2 million logs, and over a hundred million messages to migrate.


5 weeks ago (21 Jul 19 14:20)

Reddit feed temporarily disabled to help with latency issues, i will resume only the slow feed in approximately 10-15mins and reset the fast feed later today

Edit #1: Retroactive autorole assignment is also disabled for the time being for non premium guilds (it will effectively stop working if you had required membership duration above 0)

Edit #2: Issue has been found and the bot should be fully restored in roughly 15-30 mins

Edit #3: i ran into more issues, but its coming back again now, reddit feeds have been re-enabled and the latency is down back to normal


6 weeks and 2 days ago (13 Jul 19 00:11)

Status update:

Been a while since last update, i've been focusing on a lot of real life stuff lately and also been lazy in general (hey it's summer, what can i say) but the bot is chugging along nicely, mostly without need of intervention and that feels really good i tells ya.

The server costs are entirely covered by the ad space and patreon, I'm coming out ahead with some extra currently but that's sub 100$ so i can't just go wasting it on more servers willy nilly. Therefore I'm focusing primarily on optimizing the bot atm, there will be small features here and there but don't expect anything major in a couple months atleast.

I'm also eventually going to split the bot into a free version and a patreon version that's just more reliable in general, but since I've been a bit stupid with the design of the bots architecture its gonna take a while.

All in all, i'm still here and watching over and working on the bot, even if i haven't been actively developing it for a month or so it's a lot of work just keeping it up and running smoothly, and developing will soon start up again at full speed!

I want to give a huge thanks to all my patrons for the support you're giving me, i'm VERY grateful for it!

(also check out my friends podcast: )


12 weeks and 1 day ago (01 Jun 19 17:35)

Pushing a minor update (v1.19.2)

  • you can now do toggletconv * to toggle all channels, including new channels you create after this
  • Improved formatting here and there
  • RSVP event reactions are now syncronized with the actual participants


12 weeks and 2 days ago (31 May 19 20:12)

YAGPDB V1.19 Released!

There's 3 relatively big features added in that was commissioned.

Twitter feeds (premium)

Twitter feeds have been added, although they're premium only for the time being because of twitter API limitation for non-enterprise users.

RSVP Events

You can now set up events and have people react to show whether they're joining, on the waiting list(as a reserve) or undecided, it will also remind the participants 30 min before and when its starting.

Timezone companion

You can set a timezone with setz then whenever you type in a clock time (1pm for example) the bot will respond with an embed that has it converted to whoevers reading it's local time zone.

By default its on in all channels, although behavior can be disabled by mods and admins using toggletconv


There's also a lot of small improvements as usual on the backend, the bot is handling over 16k events from discord per second now so performance is something that i'll always have to work on now.

12 weeks and 2 days ago (31 May 19 20:12)

YAGPDB V1.19 Released!


14 weeks and 4 days ago (15 May 19 12:50)

There was a bug that slipped in with the last update that let you mention everyone through my help modification, that's fixed now, i'm very sorry about that.

14 weeks and 6 days ago (13 May 19 20:35)

YAGPDB v1.18 Released!

Google reCAPTCHA Verification

Force people to solve a captcha to get access to your server, to help combat bots!

How it works is the same way as any other verification system, one you solve the captcha you will get a role, and that role will give you access to the server, how you set that role is up to you though, in the future i may add some auto management of it but until then you have to set the role up yourself.

Ticket system

A ticket system has been added, currently its entirely in discord but im planning on extending it later to the control panel aswell to allow for further things such as ban appeals and whatnot.

How it works:

You create a ticket with the ticket create topic-here command, afterwards a channel will be created with permissions to only allow relevant people in it. After you close the ticket, a log in the form of a text file and all the attachments will be archived in another channel. For details use the help ticket command and the control panel page for more info on this.

Various other improvements

  • Autmodv2: Added a extended ruleset limit for premium (25)
  • Rolemenu: Added rolemenu complete command to force complete a rolemenu
  • Commands: help is now displayed if you use a command with bad arguments
  • Templates: Added rounding functions (round, roundCeil , roundFloor , roundEven ) (by @caubert)
  • Various other improvements by @caubert and @buthed010203

Both the Ticket system and reCaptcha system was paid additions (altough extra work is required to get them reliable on the public hosted bot), so yes it is possible to pay to have features added, and also quick shout out to my development and hosting service (see one message above this one).


16 weeks and 6 days ago (29 Apr 19 17:41)

Hey, i mentioned a couple months ago i was looking for opinions on a bot development and hosting service, i got a lot of positive responses to it so I'm deciding to try it out for a bit full time and see what happens.

If you're interested you can find details on the server i made here and DM me as-well!


To add this bot to your server click login in the upper right corner, then afterwards select it in the "select a server" dropdown up top.

Make sure you have manage server permissions and that you are logged into the right account

Afterwards, click around a little to get familiar with the interface and what it provides

If you stumble into any issue and need help then join the support server. (link at the top of the page)

Thanks to my patrons!

Patreon tiers above 3$ will grant you premium slots you can assign to servers, see the premium page for more info.

Check out...

YAGPDB is open source! The project is hosted on github here: jonas747/yagpdb.

Donate using patreon, bitcoin and other cryptos! Donating $3 or more will grant you premium slots you can assign to servers!

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