Version 0.23.2 4th Sept 2017

Short update since the larger update is delayed, this is fixing some smaller things in the meantime.

  • Autorole now immediately applies the role on member join if duration is less than 1
  • Fixed input fields for mute duration in automod not allowing more than 100 minutes
  • Max violations expire has been increased to a week
  • The moderation "command disabled" message now says where you can enable it.

Version 0.23.1 11th Aug 2017

  • Autorole now works when you delete the (old) default channel
  • Fixed the feed message queue not retrying on non-discord related errors

Version 0.23 7th Aug 2017

Another day another update!

This update contains mostly website changes with a (mostly) new landing page, improved control panel landing page and also the permission checkers for channels in places such as reddit feeds, so that you're less likely to mess up permissions, and left stuck wondering why it's not working (will also mean less people will yell at me for the bot not working when the underlying cause is misconfigured permissions)

Full changelog:

  • Landing page has been redone
  • Control panel landing page has been redone
    • Is now basically a mini-blog for me with some info on the side
  • Permissions checkers for channel dropdowns in places such as reddit feeds, youtube feeds and so on.
    • Will yell at you if the bot does not have proper perms in the channel selected.
  • The bot now supports and runs on the latest gateway and api version.
  • Default channel usage has been removed, if you had default channel selected anywhere it will simply do nothing instead
  • Add default message for no command found while communicating with the bot in dm's
  • More reliable Youtube and Reddit feeds especially in times whe discord is having api issues.
    • Messages are put into a queue and the messages are only removed from the queue when we have gotten a proper response from discord.
  • Fixed -help non-existing-command showing a weird message, now simply shows Command not found
  • Fixed setrep messing up the help output.
  • Fixed automod ignore channel dropdowns all not workign axcept for 1 of them
  • Various other backend improvements

Version 0.22 29th Jul 2017

It's update time again, this update is rather small, except for a few relatively big changes, mostly because i've been also patching stuff on the last version while also working on this verison. But it does contain some control panel improvements, and various other improvements you may or may not notice.

If you want to be directly notified about updates join the support server above and give yourself the updates role (-role updates) and you will be pinged when an update is deployed.

If you come across any weird behaviour or issues please let me know as soon as possible by joining the support server above or opening an issue.

  • Added CurrentTime/ctime/gettime command for getting the current time in various timezones and offsets
    • Example: -ctime CET -> Sat Jul 29 01:33:23 (UTC +01:00)
    • Example: -ctime -5 -> Fri Jul 28 19:37:34 (UTC -05:00)
  • Renamed the /cp/... urls to /manage/... reason being, i just felt like it, old routes will redirect
  • Control panel: channel and role dropdowns will no longer show a random channel/role as selected if the selected one was deleted
  • Automoderator: Updated the contorl panel page a little
  • Ping command: Small update, shows http api latency aswell
  • Reminders: Reminders triggered on the same interval will no longer cause spam
  • Docs: Urls are in lowercase now
  • Docs: Added some more pages, and actually wrote one of the existing ones. i really don't like writing docs please help me

One Year! 21th Jul 2017

It's around one year since i started the development of YAGPDB and it's been neat. I decided to make a survey to give you the ability to leave some feedback!

Take survery

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