Jonas7471 week ago (04 Dec 18 14:55)

(v1.11.6) Added a new automodv2 trigger: new member, triggers when a user joins your server

Jonas7471 week and 2 days ago (01 Dec 18 23:18)

I've had to do a full restart, there has been 3 primary issues happening all at god dang once

  • Gateway connections getting stuck in a reconnect loop, fixed
  • Moderation bugs and custom command bugs surfacing, fixed
  • And the final straw, the lib im using for the orchestrator command line interface has a bug in it, which made me unable to control the bad nodes...

I apologise but sometimes stuff just goes wrong all at once...

Jonas7471 week and 3 days ago (01 Dec 18 17:36)

(v1.11.5) You are no longer able to use moderation commands on people with higher roles than you (or at the same level) I still advise against having the bot ranked higher than your staff, as that's stupid in my opinion.

Jonas7471 week and 6 days ago (28 Nov 18 15:28)

(v1.11.2) I added a cooldown for stream announcements (1 hour)

Jonas7472 weeks ago (26 Nov 18 19:23)

Cards against humanity has been fixed now.

Jonas7472 weeks and 2 days ago (25 Nov 18 10:01)

YAGPDB is currently undergoing a large upgrade on the backend, see <#465887983657287686> for more info, expect max 30 mins of downtime

Edit 1: Things seems mostly working except the control panel is a bit weird, looking into it

Edit 2: Control panel is now functioning again, everything should be functional now, but theres still some small things on the backend im fixing

Edit 3: Logging in seems to be broke, looking into it

Edit 4: Logins fixed

Jonas7472 weeks and 3 days ago (23 Nov 18 22:23)

Giveaways in <#166208623775711232>

Jonas7475 weeks and 1 day ago (05 Nov 18 07:17)

YAGPDB v1.10

This is a very small update, but there has been a ton of changes behind the scenes, but nonetheless here's the noticeable changes:

  • New command: SimpleEmbed (or se)
    • An easier alternative to CustomEmbed, example: -se -title "Hello everyone!" -color lightblue
    • See -help se for all the options
  • Started the removal process of the reverse command
    • People keep finding new ways to "abuse" it so im just gonna scrap it, in the future if i add a command like that im going to do more rigid testing to make sure it can't be used in bad ways.
  • Improved help on a lot of commands
  • Moderation ban template {{.HumanDuration}} is now permanent instead of less than one minute when permanent
  • Reddit is now always 1 minute behind, and will not post threads that gets deleted within that minute (example: reddit automod)
  • Various bug fixes and other small things that i can't be bothered to list.

YAGPDB.xyz5 weeks and 1 day ago (05 Nov 18 07:17)

YAGPDB v1.10 Small update

Jonas7475 weeks and 2 days ago (04 Nov 18 11:27)

The reverse command will be removed entirely later today, can't be arsed to handle all the special cases for the abuse people are using it for. It's a pretty useless command so i doubt anyone really cares anyways.


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